Julius 4.2
構造体 RecogProcess

instance for a decoding, i.e. [詳細]

#include <recog.h>



boolean live
 TRUE is this instance is alive, or FALSE when temporary disabled.
short active
 1 if this instance should be made alive in the next recognition,
 search configuration data
 acoustic model instance to use
 language model instance to use
int lmtype
 Language model type: one of LM_UNDEF, LM_NGRAM, LM_DFA.
int lmvar
 Variation type of language model: one of LM_NGRAM, LM_DFA_GRAMMAR, LM_DFA_WORD.
boolean ccd_flag
 Whether handle phone context dependency (local copy from jconf)
 Word-conjunction HMM as tree lexicon.
int trellis_beam_width
 Actual beam width of 1st pass (will be set on startup)
 Word trellis index generated at the 1st pass.
FSBeam pass1
 Work area for the first pass.
StackDecode pass2
 Work area for second pass.
WORD_ID pass1_wseq [MAXSEQNUM]
 Word sequence of best hypothesis on 1st pass.
int pass1_wnum
 Number of words in pass1_wseq.
LOGPROB pass1_score
 Score of pass1_wseq.
WORD_ID sp_break_last_word
 Last maximum word hypothesis on the begin point for short-pause segmentation.
WORD_ID sp_break_last_nword
 Last (not transparent) context word for LM for short-pause segmentation.
boolean sp_break_last_nword_allow_override
 Allow override of last context word from result of 2nd pass for short-pause segmentation.
WORD_ID sp_break_2_begin_word
 Search start word on 2nd pass for short-pause segmentation.
WORD_ID sp_break_2_end_word
 Search end word on 2nd pass for short-pause segmentation.
int peseqlen
 Input length in frames.
int graph_totalwordnum
 GraphOut: total number of words in the generated graph.
Output result
 Recognition results.
boolean graphout
 graphout: will be set from value from jconf->graph.enabled
char * order_matrix
 Temporal matrix work area to hold the order relations between words for confusion network construction.
int order_matrix_count
 Number of words to be expressed in the order matrix for confusion network construction.
boolean have_interim
 TRUE if has something to output at CALLBACK_RESULT_PASS1_INTERIM.
void * hook
 User-defined data hook.
struct __recogprocess__ * next
 Pointer to next instance.


instance for a decoding, i.e.

set of LM, AM and parameters

recog.h841 行で定義されています。


1 if this instance should be made alive in the next recognition,

-1 if should become dead in the next recognition, or 0 to leave unchanged.

recog.h855 行で定義されています。

参照元 j_launch_recognition_instance(), j_process_activate(), j_process_activate_by_id(), j_process_deactivate(), j_process_deactivate_by_id(), と j_recognize_stream_core().

Work area for second pass.

recog.h917 行で定義されています。

参照元 malloc_wordtrellis(), newnode(), pick_backtrellis_words(), result_reorder_and_output(), scan_word(), wchmm_fbs(), wchmm_fbs_free(), と wchmm_fbs_prepare().

graphout: will be set from value from jconf->graph.enabled

recog.h975 行で定義されています。

参照元 clear_result(), j_launch_recognition_instance(), malloc_wordtrellis(), newnode(), scan_word(), start_word(), と wchmm_fbs().

User-defined data hook.

JuliusLib does not concern about its content.

recog.h1009 行で定義されています。

struct __recogprocess__* RecogProcess::next