Julius 4.2
A_CELLTransition arc of HMM state
A_CELL2Transition arc holding cell
ADInA/D-in work area
APATNODEPatricia binary tree node, to search related pointer from string
BACKTRELLISWhole word trellis (aka backtrellis) generated as a result of 1st pass
BASEPHONEBasephone information extracted from hmminfo
BMALLOC_BASEInformation of allocated memory block for mybmalloc()
CD_SetContext-dependent HMM set (called "pseudo") for a logical context
CMEANStructure to hold sentence sum of MFCC for realtime CMN
CMNWorkWork area for real-time CMN
CN_CLUSTERWord Cluster for confusion network generation
DeltaBufCycle buffer for delta computation
DFA_ARCTransition arc of DFA
DFA_INFOTop structure of a DFA
DS_BUFFERDown sampling data
DS_FILTERDown sampling filter
ENERGYWorkWork area for energy normalization on real time input
FBankInfoWorkspace for filterbank analysis
FSBeamWork area for the first pass
GCODEBOOKGaussian mixture codebook in tied-mixture model
GMMCalcWork area for GMM calculation
GRAMLISTList of grammars to be read at startup
GS_SETSet of HMM states for Gaussian Mixture Selection
HMMHMM state sequence
HMM_basephoneList of all basephone in hmminfo
HMM_CDSET_INFOTop structure to hold all the HMM sets
HMM_LogicalLogical HMM to map logical names to physical/pseudo HMM
HMMWorkWork area and cache for HMM computation
HTK_HMM_DataTop HMM model, corresponds to "~h" macro in hmmdefs
HTK_HMM_DensHMM Gaussian density (or mixture) data
HTK_HMM_INFOTop HMM structure that holds all the HTK HMM definition
HTK_HMM_OptionsHMM Option
HTK_HMM_PDFHMM mixture PDF for a stream
HTK_HMM_StateHMM state data
HTK_HMM_StreamInfoStream information (although current Julius supports only single stream)
HTK_HMM_StreamWeightHMM stream weight definition
HTK_HMM_TransHMM transition table
HTK_HMM_VarHMM variance data
HTK_ParamInput speech parameter
HTK_Param_HeaderParameter types and extraction conditions
JconfConfiguration parameters (global)
JCONF_AMConfiguration parameters (AM)
JCONF_LMLanguage models (N-gram / DFA), dictionary, and related parameters
JCONF_LM_NAMELISTName lister for language model configurations
JCONF_SEARCHSearch parameters
LM_PROB_CACHELM cache for the 1st pass
LMFuncUser LM function entry point
MFCCCalcInstance for a parameter vector computation
MFCCWorkWork area for MFCC computation
MIXCACHEA component of per-codebook probability cache while search
MULTIGRAMGrammar holder
NGRAM_INFOMain N-gram structure
NGRAM_TUPLE_INFON-gram entries for a m-gram (1 <= m <= N)
OptionStrStructure for decoding/encoding parameter type code
OutputRecognition result output structure
PaDeviceInfoA structure providing information and capabilities of PortAudio devices
PaHostApiInfoA structure containing information about a particular host API
PaHostErrorInfoStructure used to return information about a host error condition
PaStreamCallbackTimeInfoTiming information for the buffers passed to the stream callback
PaStreamInfoA structure containing unchanging information about an open stream
PaStreamParametersParameters for one direction (input or output) of a stream
PATNODEAnother patricia binary tree node, to search integer value from string
PLUGIN_ENTRYPlugin function entry
PROCESS_AMInstance for an AM
PROCESS_LMInstance for a LM
RealBeamWork area for realtime processing of 1st pass
RecogTop level instance for the whole recognition process
RecogProcessInstance for a decoding, i.e
SEGTOKENToken definition for viterbi segmentation
SentenceOutput result structure
SentenceAlignAlignment result, valid when forced alignment was done
StackDecodeWork area for the 2nd pass
TERM_INFOInformation of each terminal symbol (=category)
TOKEN2Token to hold viterbi pass history
TRELLIS_ATOMWord trellis element that holds survived word ends at each frame on the 1st pass
USEROPTUser-defined option
ValueMfcc configuration parameter values
WCHMM_INFOWhole lexicon tree structure holding all information
WCHMM_STATEHMM state on tree lexicon
WCHMM_WORKWchmm-specific work area
WORD_INFOWord dictionary structure to hold vocabulary
ZEROCROSSWork area for zero-cross computation