Julius 4.2
構造体 ADIn

A/D-in work area. [詳細]

#include <recog.h>



boolean(* ad_standby )(int, void *)
 Pointer to function for device initialization (call once on startup)
boolean(* ad_begin )(char *)
 Pointer to function to open audio stream for capturing.
boolean(* ad_end )()
 Pointer to function to close audio stream capturing.
boolean(* ad_resume )()
 Pointer to function to begin / restart recording.
boolean(* ad_pause )()
 Pointer to function to pause recording.
boolean(* ad_terminate )()
 Pointer to function to terminate current recording immediately.
int(* ad_read )(SP16 *, int)
 Pointer to function to read samples.
char *(* ad_input_name )()
 Pointer to function to return current input source name (filename, devname, etc.)
int thres
 Input Level threshold (0-32767)
int noise_zerocross
 Computed threshold of zerocross num in the cycle buffer.
int nc_max
 Computed number of fragments for tail margin.
boolean adin_cut_on
 TRUE if do input segmentation by silence.
boolean silence_cut_default
 Device-dependent default value of adin_cut_on()
boolean strip_flag
 TRUE if skip invalid zero samples.
boolean enable_thread
 TRUE if input device needs threading.
boolean need_zmean
 TRUE if perform zmeansource.
int c_length
 Computed length of cycle buffer for zero-cross, actually equals to head margin length.
int c_offset
 Static data DC offset (obsolute, should be 0)
 Buffer for re-triggering in tail margin.
int sbsize
 Size of swapbuf.
int sblen
 Current length of swapbuf.
int rest_tail
 Samples not processed yet in swap buffer.
 Work area for zero-cross computation.
pthread_t adin_thread
 Thread information.
pthread_mutex_t mutex
 Lock primitive.
 Unprocessed samples recorded by A/D-in thread.
int speechlen
 Current length of speech.
boolean transfer_online
boolean adinthread_buffer_overflowed
 TRUE if buffer overflow occured in adin thread.
boolean adinthread_ended
 TRUE if adin thread ended.
boolean ignore_speech_while_recog
 TRUE if ignore speech input between call, while waiting recognition process.
 Temporary buffer to hold input samples.
int bpmax
 Maximum length of buffer.
int bp
 Current point to store the next data.
int current_len
 Current length of stored samples.
 Buffer for flushing cycle buffer just after detecting trigger.
boolean down_sample
 TRUE if perform down sampling from 48kHz to 16kHz.
 Another temporary buffer to hold 48kHz inputs.
int io_rate
 frequency rate (should be 3 always for 48/16 conversion
boolean is_valid_data
 TRUE if we are now triggered.
int nc
 count of current tail silence segments
boolean end_of_stream
 TRUE if we have reached the end of stream.
boolean need_init
 if TRUE, initialize buffer on startup
 Filter buffer for 48-to-16 conversion.
boolean rehash
 TRUE is want rehash at rewinding on decoder-based VAD.
boolean input_side_segment
 TRUE if segmentation requested by ad_read.
unsigned int total_captured_len
 Total number of recorded samples from start until now.
unsigned int last_trigger_sample
 Last speech area was triggeed at this sample.
char current_input_name [MAXPATHLEN]
 File or device name of current input.


A/D-in work area.

recog.h342 行で定義されています。


TRUE if adin thread ended.

recog.h406 行で定義されています。

参照元 adin_thread_cancel(), adin_thread_create(), adin_thread_input_main(), と adin_thread_process().